The Danger of Hiring Stars

  • Great article which vibrates my heart and push me to look back on all the jobs I have had in the I.T. field.

    You provide a mirror for me and my family members, relatives and friends: it is not just for DBA, or I.T. guy, but for all job hunters. I have had most good moves for chasing career goals. I also had 2 bad moves due to crazy bosses and/or 12 hours working environment pressure. Along with the age increasing, so called 'maturity', I could have reduced the number of changing jobs about 50% today.

    p.s. side question. I have been DBA, Database developer, .... but my faviourate thing is data modeling in design or re-design the company database. I still think the best job change was to get a chance to design 108 tables (an inventory control database) from scratch even with 120 miles daily traffic. This exposesd my potentiality and set up my future goal. But in reality, this kind chance probably is 1/1000 companies wants to do so. What is your advice?

    thank you for your greate article to share with us.


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