The cmdlets Are Coming! The cmdlets Are Coming!

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    @SQLvariantI have a PowerShell script[/url] for you.

  • Thanks for sharing. Cmdlets for encryption, sql agent and error log consumption are most welcome.

    It would be nice if msdb.dbo.restorehistory was also exposed through a cmdlet to get the last restore known restore date of a database. Also hope to someday replace my rather ugly PS Functions for replication administration, using a combination of RMO and Invoke-Sqlcmd, w/ some slick cmdlets.

    Not sure if this one makes sense but would like to see some sort of Set-DatabaseOption function that serves as an alias for ALTER DATABASE .. SET operations. So something like Set-DatabaseOption -Database "happyDB" -Broker "Enabled" -Trustworthy "On" -Read_Commited_Snapshot "On" -PendingTransactions "Wait" (or Fail or -Force rollback)


  • I chocked and was shocked seeing this:

    import-module sqlserver

    Get-SqlPort -sqlserver myserver\myinstance


    Get-SqlPort : SQLDMO is not installed.

    At line:1 char:1

    SQLDMO ????????

    Oh, wait, maybe that's the one coming from the "old" SQLPSx installation


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  • Johan,

    Yes, that's bound to be from the old SQLPSX module. An unfortunate name collision but great progress for SQL PowerShell as a whole.

    @SQLvariantI have a PowerShell script[/url] for you.

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