The Cloud Database Cost Analysis

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  • Yes, it's definitely an area of concern. However hard we have tried to estimate costs it's really hard to do overall, and you end up having to do some hand waving at some points sadly.

  • "We seem to be spending more than we expected to" seems to be a familiar cloud refrain.

    The approach we take to being able to dice/slice costs is to have a defined set of cost tags that have to be attached to every piece of infrastructure we create.  As we create our infrastructure using Terraform/Terragrunt this is straight forward and also drives the naming conventions used for our infrastructure.

    We have tags/labels for

    • Environment
    • Organisational Unit
    • Application - Which Application the infrastructure supports (ingest, egress etc.)
    • Role - More specific pipeline process
    • Region (Cloud region)

    Forecasting and estimating remains a bit of a polite fiction though we gain some good insight as to where the money is going.

    We also have alarms if the bills go above a certain level.


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