The Certification Debate

  • I have both MCDBA and MCSE I got the MCSE because when I was through with then hard MCDBA I had only one exam left for MCSE so I took it too. The early days the cert was hard because it was to compete with Oracle’s OCP. There were no books until Ken Henderson the Guru's Guide, I used Celko and G. Lawrence Sanders Data Modeling both in two lines explained things Microsoft covered in hundreds of pages with no definite why. I would not do it any other way most jobs when everybody cannot understand errors and problems thanks to my study for the certifications I know either immediately or with less time. 

    I also study for Sun Java Certified Programmer and IBM OOAD did not take both exams because of .NET but the OOAD have been so useful I joined a 66 member team with 25 percent of the requirements un implement able before I got there, but I could implement all because I put problems in layers.  I latter quit the job for personal reasons but my six months contract was converted to open ended in three months.

    I know you get to know stuff you may not need but it makes one more knowledgeable about the subject and products than regular user.   Just my opinion.

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  • Certification exams are very beneficial to improve our knowledge.....For this exams we have to read every small things....Otherwise we wan't read everything....

  • zenchew (9/13/2010) I know a site which provide all IT Certifications with 100% pass surety.

    That is exactly the problem with the certifications - since not everyone is cut out to be a programmer/dba/whatever. What I typically see is people who just don't have the proper thinking skills to be a programmer/dba/whatever, but by struggling, they can pass the certifications... but these people, regardless of what they can learn, will never actually understand what they have learned, in a way that lets them use the knowledge... but they can answer certification-test type questions without a problem.

    Really the issue is - there are people out there who aren't the type of person who can be good in these jobs. Those people need to stop trying to prove they can be good in those jobs, and go do something which is more suited to their natural strengths.

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