The Case for Considering Git

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  • GIT makes sense where people are collaborating across organisations.  However the distributed model is - by definition - more complex than a centralised repository paradigm.  Where developers are co-located in a single organisation, that is an unnecessary overhead.

  • For a year or so, I've decided to adopt Git for my personal VCS. I have to ride a train to work, because I live far from where I work. There's no Wi-Fi nor cell coverage for most of that long trip. When I do personal development on the train I had been using TFVC through VSO, then VSTS, now Azure DevOps Services. However, the distributed nature of Git just showed me that I had to move to that.

    However, where I work TFVC is very entrenched. And, as it so happens, through sheer happenstance, I've become our TFS administrator. (I was the poor guy standing nearest the TFS server, when the former admin left.) So your admonition to bring about a change slowly, Kendra, is appreciated by me. I especially like the link you gave to Microsoft's Choosing the right version control for your project! For example, I'm familiar, at least academically, with pull requests (being the only one who works on my personal Git repos in Azure DevOps, I hardly can send myself a pull request), I longed for that feature in TFVC. But according to that link I see it is possible to encourage code reviews using TFVC. We don't do code reviews here, so I think I'll start to promote that idea within TFVC.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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