The 2019 Home Lab

  • I know it sounds simple, but I use Amazon AWS and Azure servers for my home lab

    I Have a work provided MSDN and Amazon account. I can log on using my little 2 core laptop and do anything I feel like experimenting with.

    R services has been tricky , but everything else is nice and easy


  • Over the last four to six years my home virtual labs (v-lab) have been all about sharpening my skills on business intelligence (BI) design and development. The latest v-lab is configured with most of the ‘on-premise’ Microsoft BI stack of technologies. I just completed a couple of days ago (August 31, 2019) the latest v-lab. All installed tools are free expect the operating system which I got for $13.91.

    The tools on the v-lab are: VM Workstation 15.1.0 Player, Windows 10 Home OEM, SSMS 18.2, SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS (tabular), Visual Studio Community 2017 and 2019 (VS), VS GitHub extension and Power BI Desktop. VS 2019 has some issues with the SSAS add-on therefore, the need to have the two versions of VS installed.

    The hardware environment is a 64bit Dell G7 laptop, 450GB SSD (OS and ‘active’ VMs), 24GB RAM, standard 950 GB disk (primary storage of base VMs, backup VMs, source code, e-books, docs, etc.) and some Seagate external SSDs for secondary backups.

    I would like to self-learn about Stream Analytics in Azure for real-time data streaming and aggregating and Azure Data Factory (aka SSIS in the Cloud). However, the first step is to explore the potential on-going costs.

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