The 2008 PASS Community Summit Wrap Up

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  • I also took very few photos. I checked my camera this afternoon and realised that I took just 1 photo during the 3 main days. 🙁

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  • I undesrtand about not taking enough pictures at these things. I wasn't at PASS (hoping for next year!), but at TechEd this year, I got maybe a dozen, and half of those were with my phone camera.

    Part of my problem is not owning a point-and-shoot, and running around with a dSLR with a real flash is cumbersome and imposing. Not to mention a 77mm diameter lens pointed in your direction by Random Geek #2387 is a little :ermm: for some people.

    Edit: wow, this is really teh first time I've actually posted here??

  • Hey Steve,

    For a person that does Data Warehouse development (all aspects, managing the project, requirements gathering, design, ETL, SSAS, report writing) would you suggest PASS or the BI Conference? I believe you went to both this year. I've been to several PASS conferences, and always enjoyed them, but was curious about the BI conference.

    Let me know your thoughts,


    Rick Todd

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