Testing SQL Server Installation

  • Even though it's usually quite obvious if the SQL Server installation has not been successful, I still need to run very long list of tests before signing off the new SQL Server install. Can anyone tell me what really has to be tested (and how) to confirm that SQL Server is functioning properly?



  • There are lots of features, but if you are not using them, do you care? Maybe, but it might be difficult to test some things (replication) if you are not set.

    I'd check connectivity. Use QA, isql, osql, and ADO (OLEDB) to check connectivity. You can also run netstat from the command line and look for a listener on port 1433 (TCP/IP). I'd also go to remote clients and check named pipes and MP if you use them.

    Create a db, add objects, query them, alter them, be sure things are as you expect. You could build a simple script for this.

    Backup and restore your db. Be sure this works.

    Run DTS and make a package, be sure you can save it, execute it, and it works. Again, build a standard that tests things you need and save it.

    I'd check mail and sql agent. Schedule jobs and be sure they run. Check local as well as remote connectivity for Sqlagent (if you need it). I don't use Operators or Alerts, but you might want to check these.

    Check IIS if you need the XMl links.

    I'd also check Windows and SQL authentication. Be sure both work.

    Full-Text search if you use it.

    the best test for me would be to restore an exsting db to this server and check the applcation to see if it works.

    Steve Jones


  • You can check out the sqlstp.log under C:\winnt after the installation. It will tell you every file that was copied and registry entry that was entered into the registry. You can also run SQLDIAG.exe it will give you all the info you need to make sure the install was successful. This utility can be run at anytime to get diagnostics on your sql server. It creates a file in the root of c:\ by the name SQL.LOG


    Greg MacDonald DBA

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