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  • I am working with several building industry providers that provide aluminum parts for storefronts. Each one of their catalogs "db tables" will be similar in structure.

    I need a way to break down the cost for a publish / subscribe type of implementation.

    I'm sure on the publish side that I'll need some type of cost break down like a staging area or something to that nature. In other words each providers catalog will be a little different so I need to transform that initial data published by the provider to all merge together into one data base set of tables and the different catalogs be filtered by brand.

    Exposing and subscribing portion of all this is not something I'm concerned about, it is having all the different providers publish to a proxy server and what is the cost for accepting those catalogs and transforming them into one data base that is filtered by brand.

    Example usage: On the end users end when they begin to draw a new CAD elevation they'll choose a brand and by choose that brand only the parts for that catalog will be used for that brand. If the provider of the catalog updates a parts price or removes a part it is propagated to the subscriber.

    Where can I get started on a break down for the cost for creating a cloud based system like this? It doesn't have to be to technical I just need a few areas to get started.

    Dam again!

  • I know this is a hard question, but suggestion at all would be great.

    Dam again!

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