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  • jsqldba


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    I have tempdb defined to an exclusive drive at 4GB, and currently there is only a couple hundred MBs left. I would like monitor what % of tempdb is being used, and see how close we are to exceeding our drive capacity. There is a perfmon counter to monitor % log full but not for the db. The % used is given on the database/space allocated page of EM. How can I capture this info and regularly monitor? I presume there is a query behind the page on the system tables but don't know the specifics.



  • Steven.

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    It may be worth you stopping and starting SQL server, as this recreates your tempdb database from scratch. Hence giving you a clean starting place.


  • Andy Warren

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    Sp_spaceused would be a starting place. You could profile EM to see how its getting the info maybe, probably using DMO.


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