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  • Good question

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  • Thank you Ron


  • Nice one, thanks.


  • Easy money, cheers!

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  • Good question, thanks.

  • Nice and easy, thanks!

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  • Good question... made me think for a second.

    My gut reaction was "Yes, of course, you can Checkdb just about anything".

    But then I sat there thinking, "if it's so obvious why did he ask a question"

    So it made me go confirm it so I could get my point.

    Which means two things.

    1. My gut instincts tend to be right (most times I get a question wrong its when I don't listen to my gut and instead look it up, and find conflicting or partial answers).

    2. Confirming what you think you know is still a good thing.

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  • Thanks for the question.

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  • Thanks for the question.

  • Easy one...but have to admit, made me think a bit..good one, thank you.

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  • Nice question, that made me think. I struggled for a while to remember whether there was anything special about tempdb that would preclude chckdb, and then decided that I thought that too much that checkdb does would be useful and not problematic for tempdb.


  • Thank you for the question.

  • Good question.


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