Temp db if full

  • Hi, One of our production application database still on old server

    SQL server version 6.5

    windows version 2000 SP4

    We are receiving temp db full error more often. Earlier we used to get this once in a month and we used to restart SQL server/Reboot server to resolve the issue. But now it is occurring more often. Users are not happy with this.

    I have started my career with SQL2000 and I have NO idea about 6.5 version.

    How to resolve this without restarting the server? Thanks

    Tepmdb properties:

    tempdb datasize - 2600 MB

    Data space available - 2090 MB

    Log size - shared with data

    Log space available - Shared with data

  • Read the following:


    It lists what you can do and how to do it .....

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


    Please help us, help you -before posting a question please read[/url]
    Before posting a performance problem please read[/url]

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