TDE, EKM and the Asymmetric Key

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  • Good article and very well explained. But, still had a question.

    How many people had actually used it ? I had not come across anyone in real time , who would had implemented it.

    SQL DBA.

  • Thanks for the article. I understood HSM only very vaguely before.

    I'm concerned about your use of "allow updates". I was sure that this was removed from SQL 2005 and later, and this thread agrees:

    Why are you trying to update a sys table [which might be a view] to edit the thumbprint? Isn't this something Microsoft supports through a sproc?

  • To SanjayAttray...

    The primary reason anyone would use TDE with EKM is for PCI data protection to meet PCI standards and compliance.


  • To Festeron...

    When proving out the steps, this is the process I had to use - connect to the SQL instance through the DAC and then to turn on "allow updates". SQL Server would not let me modify the system table without "allow updates" enabled.

    Sorry for the extremely long delay in responding. I hadn't seen your comment till today.

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