Tabular Model -Convert MDX to DAX query in Calculations

  • Steve Dell

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    Hi < 
    I am converting Multidimensional Cubes to Tabular Model in SSAS. 
    I need to convert the calculations as below in MDX to DAX . Can some one suggest some examples or functions?
     Thanks in advance 🙂

    Code :
    case when [Measures].[Complaint]=0 and [Measures].[Received]<>0 then '0'
    when [Measures].[Complaint]<>0 and [Measures].[Received]=0 then '' Else
    ([Measures].[Complaint]/[Measures].[Received])*1000000 END

  • Brian Carlson

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    Looks like this would give you the same, except the results are always numeric or blank:

    DIVIDE([Complaint], [Received)*1000000

    If Complaint is 0 it will be 0. If Received is 0 it will be BLANK().

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