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    Hi all


    We have a tabular cube (one of several, but this one is causing us issues) that we can't link to in Excel (our current reporting environment for "just numbers").


    We can process the cube without issues, but when we try to do anything in Excel once it's connect to the cube, we get the following error message:-

    We couldn't get data from the external source.  Here's the error message we got:

    Memory error: A record (67009 bytes) was encountered that exceeds the maximum page size of the storage object (65528 bytes).



    The cube itself (according to SSMS) is around 800MB.


    There are two connected FACT table as follows:-

    FACT table 1 has around 300K rows

    FACT table 2 has around 1 million rows


    Server specs are as follows:-

    RAM - 192GB

    SSAS Tabular instance is allocated 45GB

    Rest is split between SQL, SSRS and another SSAS instance (multidimensional, also allocationed 45GB) and we've ringfenced 22GB for the OS.


    Has anyone any ideas what this error means (I couldn't find anything useful on Google)?


    If you need any more info, feel free to ask.





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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    that means that on that particular cube one of the tables has a record that exceeds the max of 64KB

    you will need to identify what it is and potentially remove some columns from the table (or change its max size)

    this will most likely happen with some big varchar that you have on the table and probably you don't need it (or you can truncate it)

    see documentation here


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    Thanks for that.

    I'll dig through our FACT table data and see what I can find.

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