Tablix Tutorial – Step 4 in the Stairway to Reporting Services

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  • Thank you for the post. I am relatively new to RS. I have a tablix object displaying in a table. Table bound to a dataset. I added an image to the details group. Is there a way to bind the visbility of the image to an expression using another field from that detail row? I don't want to store the image in the database, so I set the image as embedded, but when I go to visability, "show or hide based on an expression," and hit Fields, it says "Report item not linked to a dataset." However, if I hit Dataset, I can pick First([whatever field I want]). What if I want to do the actual value of a field in that detail row? Is there a way to do it?

  • Jessica,

    A fine series of articles and certainly a good learning tool for my junior developers!


    MCM [@TheSQLPimp]

  • Hi Jenny,

    That should absolutely work for you, but for some reason, SSRS doesn't think the image is in the table. Try deleting and re-adding the image in the table. When you click on the image, the properties pane should show the image ID. If you click escape, the properties pane should immediately show the table ID. That will tell that it is truly embedded.

    Also, make sure that the table is linked to the dataset. That will be the DataSetName is populated in the table properties.



  • I'm curious to know if anyone else has encountered an issue with toggling the visibility of the groups and sub groups within the new tablix object in VS/BIDS 2008.

    In our legacy dev environment we were using VS 2005 for SRS Reporting and in using the Matrix object, we could easily create multiple levels of drill down within one Matrix, each Sub-Group toggling it's visibility off of the text box of the group above it (row groups, along the left side of the Matrix).

    Now with the Tablix, it seems that if the visibility of the sub groups is defaulted to hidden and set to toggle off of each group prior (save for the top level group which does not toggle, and is defaulted to visible) then the entire row will disappear. It is only when you default just the first sub group to hidden, and allow all others to remain visible after the first drill down (which results in a huge explosion of data instead of a gradual reveal to just what you are interested in), only then does it allow the row to remain visible/accessible.

    I'm sure I'm just missing something in the change from Matrix to Tablix, but several other developers I collaborate with have reported experiencing the same issue, so I wanted to see if anyone else had seen this, or found a solution, or if it was indeed an known bug that we need to patch for?

    I should note, that it seems to work fine in the Preview Pane within VS/BIDS 2008, only when deployed to the Reporting Server does this hidden row issue crop up, which is what lead us to believe it may be a patching issue on that server.

    Thanks in Advance,


  • I probably should add that I'm using SSRS 2008 (not R2). I did as you suggested and the image is embedded in the table and the table is linked to the dataset. It still says under Image Properties\Visibility\Show or Hide based on an expression\fx\Fields\ "Report item not linked to a dataset." However, I went back and removed the first() and just typed in whatever field.value I wanted and it did not return an error when I previewed. I suppose it's just the expression builder (fx) that thinks the image isn't linked to a dataset.

    Thanks for your help!

  • This series is a must for our juniors.

  • Thank you for the article. I've been using tablix control in RS 2008 for sometime, mostly relying on my intuition, so it's great to have the information presented in a structured and scientific way. Gives me a new perspective on things.

  • HI


    How to align the table line?


  • I'm a fan of the flexibility of tablixes (tablices?) but one thing I find really awkward/annoying about them is when saving as XLS, you inevitably end up with merged cells or worse, weird anomalous rows and columns if you have any media / images in the headers (usually down to alignment of edges of things). The resultant output is pretty user-unfriendly...

    Worth noting, to anyone starting out with them. If you have users that like to autofilter xls outputted reports, you may wish to look elsewhere.

  • Hi Jessica, I'm very new to SSRS and have been going through these tutorials and finding them great - thank you! I've an issue most probably a simple mistake on my part 😉

    Issue appeared when completing the Grouping section.

    ..You have multiple options, including Add Group. Select the Add Group option > Parent Group option, and select the desired column. Check the checkboxes to include a group header and footer in the Tablix group window..

    The issue I have is the heading line is showing Group1 not OrderDate as per your figure 8:

    How can I fix this? Again thanks for a great stairways series I'm looking forward to more..

    Dan 😀

    MCTS | MCITP | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration & Development
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  • Hi Dan,

    Just click in the box and start typing. Or right click on the box, select Properties and replace the Value with your new header.

    Good luck with your report!


  • Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your help 😉

    My confusion was that as per your report I wanted the [OrderDate] field in the heading column. As a newbie to SSRS I was bringing up the wrong Properties window and when running the report through Report Manager I was getting the constant I'd input into the heading box. All sorted now..

    Dan 😀

    MCTS | MCITP | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration & Development
    MCSA | MCSE | Business Intelligence SQL Server 2012

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