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    I need some help with the tablix column grouping.

    I am required to develop a report which has a structure that can dynamically expand horizontally.

    For an example dataset I have created two tables the first a set of laboratories and the second a set of chemical parameters

    SELECT columngroup2.labname, parametertest.parametername, parametertest.value, parametertest.time

    FROM columngroup2 INNER JOIN

    parametertest ON columngroup2.labname = parametertest.labname

    giving the result

    labname parametername value time

    lab1 param1 500 11am

    lab1 param2 700 12am

    lab2 param1 565 10am

    lab2 param2 23 7am

    Using a tablix and column groupings I would like to have one line for each labname and a column for each associated parametertest value


    lab1 ,param1,500, param2, 700

    lab2, param1,565, param2, 23

    Is this structure possible using the tablix and column groupings? My own attempts where I have row grouped on labname and column grouped on parametername, value, time have resulted in multiple rows for labname which is not what I am looking for. e.g.

    group1 param1 param2

    lab1 500

    [blank] 600

    lab2 565

    [blank] 23

    I just want one row per lab.



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    From your description, I do not understand why you group on value and time...

    group your rows on lab - correct

    Group your columns on Parm only - this gives one column per parameter.

    use sum of value in your detail

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