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  • Great question - look forward to the next one!

  • Thanks for the question Hugo. This is a good question. A bit surprising that only 42 have answered correctly thus far.:ermm:

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  • jeff.mason (11/9/2011)

    Yeah, in my case I am so used to the indexes being created as a part of making the foreign key that I failed to notice that they weren't part of creating the table here. So that was what caused me to miss this one.

    Yes, I almost tripped on that part as well. Good question though.

  • Good question, it really made me think...and I should have thought a little longer about it too 😀

  • I answered all the questions correctly but it still scored me as wrong!

    What's up with that?

  • jbreffni (11/9/2011)

    I answered all the questions correctly but it still scored me as wrong!

    What's up with that?

    That's odd. It was working earlier, showing the right answer as correct. And it is again now. Are you sure you ticked the boxes you meant to tick - and if so are you sure they were the right boxes? The thing is, if it was right before and is right now it seems very unlikely that it somehow changed to be wrong in time for you to suffer, and then changed back again.


  • Great question, thanks Hugo.

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  • I loved this question. I have just spent a few months reviewing this exact thing and how the data space is handled for different data types and nullable/non-nullable columns. As well as how clustered indexes (PK) become fragmented and at what rate based on a continually increasing PK.

  • Excellent question. Understanding how the different data types are stored/handled in SQL is so helpful when creating EFFECIENT (not just working) database design. Thanks for the review -- and looking forward to the next in the series!

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  • Tough question. Should have been worth more than 2 points.

  • Nice question

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