T-SQL generator for sp_configure

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  • Rudy,

    Nice utility script.


  • Thanks for your comment.

    Look forward to my new article (soon) that uses this script and others to help you reconstruct a SQL server that is dead.

    Rudy πŸ™‚


  • Thank you ...

    Very good script, I'm currently doing all documentation of my SQL servers (2005 and 2008) and each of the databases that are in them, this code is very helpful for this task.

    Can I post it on my personal blog? πŸ™‚


    Congratulations, your contributions are very good.

    Fernando Casas Osorio
  • Hello Fercasas,

    I'm glad that the code is working out for you. We have use it to script our all our production servers (SQL2005, 2008/R2 and 2012).

    As for posting on your blog, that's no problem πŸ™‚ If you could mention my blog (http://sqlsurgeon.blogspot.ca/)? That would great. You can also see other scripts I've written there too.

    I've also update the script to show the IP address now and you can find it at my blog too.

    Thank you,



  • Hello Rudy,

    Thanks for your answer. I go to publishing your script in mi blog and if necessary I will make some customizations but of course I go to mentioning your blog :-).

    My blog isnΒ΄t as big as yours and it has few entries but I'm doing my best to improve it every day.

    I welcome any comments yours in mi Blog, since I see that you are an expert on SQL Server.

    Regards and thanks.

    Fernando Casas Osorio
  • Hello Fercasas,

    Thank you for comemnts but I'm not an expert but just spend a lot of time with SQL Server. Your blog is very good, I like the layout and it nice to see other DBAs are creating their own blog.

    If you like, my blog has my email address and you can email me directly and I will help away I can.



    Buena suerte y todo lo mejor!


  • Thanks for the script.

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