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    Hi Guys,

    I am having two problems doing T-replication in 2005, i have both setup according to our company standards, but still getting this errors and different errors, we have other replications working fine with the same kind of setup.

    1) Here after the snapshot agent finshes generating a snapshot, the synchronization screen shows that all the scripts are created, and as soon as this is done, its started to show the message shown below, and this runs 10-15mins,stops and again get runs in a loop, and starts.

    Skipping file 'sp_MSupd_dboa723363d5_1197.sch' because it has already been delivered for a previous article or by a previously interrupted snapshot.

    This one is very crucial for me because, its done from the prod server.Please advice

    2)Secondly i am having problem with the other t-replication, Here the snapshot ran successfull, log reader agent is working fine, In replication monitor, i created a trace token where i can see publisher to distributor working fine, but distributor to subscriber status shows pending..

    and I am getting this message in the synchronization status of the replication.

    "The concurrent snapshot for publication 'data_pub' is not available because it has not been fully generated or the Log Reader Agent is not running to activate it. If generation of the concurrent snapshot was interrupted, the Snapshot Agent for the pub."

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and replies.

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    I tried to reinitilize the subscriptions but everytime is having the same problem.

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    the repl Distribution Agent (DA) pushes from Distributor (or pulls from sub), taking the initial outload from snapshot files (incl any post-snapshot.sql), and will then process subsequent changes (unless just a simple Snapshot).

    If DA gets an error during that initial outload it will restart (perhaps after some delay), but if it had already shoved out some tables already (previous attempt) it will wisely skip doing it again (since the snapshot files obviously havent changed).

    You need to discover why that first attempt failed rather than worrying why n-th attempt skipped.

    - maybe your postrepl failed [is so, try without]

    Perhaps you need to change timeouts or change profile to verbose to discover any problems.

    Suggest that you action ONE pub at once (ie don't try several to same sub as some interlock might bite you). or ensure you have "sp_addpublication @independent_agent = false ..." so multiple pubs share DA

    Your #2 problem relates to order of the snapshot running and the DA starting, and value for "sp_addpublication @status= ..".

    You should be wise to action one pub-sub at once [via SSMS] and script out the (drop+create). Review that script and use in future (instead of SSMS), and edit to cope with D/R considerations



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    The need may arise when you need to restart the entire snapshot processes. You can execute the procedure sp_resetsnapshotdeliveryprogress on subscriber database to reset snapshot delivery process by removing all rows from MSsnapshotdeliveryprogress table. This applies to pull subscribers only.

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