T logs increasing

  • Hi

    In one of our servers the t-logs of one of the database which is in full recovery mode and with hourly log backups has increased

    im not able to find the exact error/cause for this from the event viewer or logs

    can anyone let me know where else do i have to check



  • Have you checked long running queries and/or transactions?  Could be someone took out a transaction and never committed it.  That'll make the log grow.

  • Hi

    if it is filing out


    check log_reuse_wait column in sys.databases it will show what is the reason


    if this was an incident in the past you could check Reports->Disk usage when autogrowth events occurred and correlate it with some db activity

  • Hi,

    check your scheduler, if there are maybe some maintenance jobs. Like index maintenance or something like that.

    Or, if you got performance monitoring, check if there was more traffic on your network, maybe your application made an bulkimport  / import with many data, and created many log informations.

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