sysobjects tables that don't exists in database

  • guys im having an issue.. im new administrating SQL SERVER 2000, my experience is most in SQL2005 and 2008, so the system structure of the SQL2005 is almost the same as the SQL 2000...

    i was getting al tables from sysobjects to make an script to do an DBCC check Table, so in the

    sysobjects table are objects (tables) that actually don't exists in the database..

    what should i do to update the sysobjects, or the statistics.. i've been surfing the web to find something but i just get scripts to verify if the objects exists in the database wich i already did that..

    all sugestions are accepted

  • hansel i'm not sure what you are doing...

    sysobjects in SLQ 2000 contains the metadata of all the objects in the database, including the tables; you can join sysobjects to syscolumns to get the structure of tables or views;

    so if it does not exist in sysobjects, it does not exist in the database, period. no exceptions, unless you are trying to salvage a seriously corrupt database.

    what is it you think exists but is not in sysobjects ?

    could you be referring to tables owned by a different owner? so bob.Orders is different from dbo.Orders?


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  • well.. i've been editing the Sp_tables to see the structure an make some joins to query all tables in a database..

    i was doing a join from sysobjects to the real database to bring all the names of actual tables in the database using -->

    select 'DBCC'+' '+'CHECKTABLE'+' '+'('+name+', noindex'+')'+' '+'with'+' '+'ALL_ERRORMSGS'+' ' from sysobjects where type='U'

    this query output is like this "DBCC CHECKTABLE (spt_values, noindex) with ALL_ERRORMSGS "

    BTW when i was editing sp_tables i saw the sysobjects and syscolumns, but i don't know to make the join between this two system tables, so if someone can help.. i will be thankfull.

    And i wasn't confused about the db owner...

  • select as TbName , as ColName

    from sysobjects o

    inner join syscolumns xc

    on =

    where o.xtype = 'U'

  • MANU-J. (4/27/2010)

    select as TbName , as ColName

    from sysobjects o

    inner join syscolumns xc

    on =

    where o.xtype = 'U'

    well thanks.. it looks so simple.. maybe i was a little estressed doing something else..

    but thanks for the help

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