Syntax to create dynamic URL

  • I know this must be easy, and I've read in multiple sources that this is possible, so how do I append a field value to an http URL.  I've tried quotes, ampersand, nothing, greater than less thans.  I can't seem to get it.

  • What are you expecting the outcome to be. I am not sure exactly what ou are looking for but if you are talking about building a querystring with values set to variable names then you must first have a


    before the first item and an


    between each further.



  • I'm trying to appending a dynamic value (field from a recordset) to the end of a URL string.  If you look at what you have, it would be similar to creating an fx that ended "...&q=Fields!strJobNo.Value" where strJobNo is the value in the field I'm setting the Jump to URL expression on.  What characters do I need to use to properly concatenate that value on an otherwise fixed URL string?

  • After some trial and error, I have determined the answer is

    ="http://...." & Fields!<fieldname>.Value

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