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  • thank you for post, simply nice and easy and yet it still fires the curiosity of knowing the answer selected is the correct one. 🙂

    ww; Raghu
    The first and the hardest SQL statement I have wrote- "select * from customers" - and I was happy and felt smart.

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  • Thank you for the question.

    I always find the questions that i straight away feel i know the answer a little disconcerting. I always feel i have missed something 🙂

  • Thanks for the question.

    I came across this fact just yesterday so I had it fresh in my mind 😀

    Mel. 😎

  • Yeah, the simple ones are the ones you have to stop and ask yourself what you're missing. I was right, but I still looked it up to make sure a new command wasn't slipped in I didn't know about. Thanks for the question.

  • Thanks for question! Easy but still had to think about it. Please post another QOTD.

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  • Thomas Abraham (8/1/2014)

    Thanks for question! Easy but still had to think about it. Please post another QOTD.

    Sure, on the way 😛


  • Thanks for the question. I thought I knew the answer upon reading the question (based upon reading BOL, not personal experience), but I wasn't sure. Since the question referenced SQL 2012, I thought that ALTER SYNONYM might have been added with that version (or with SQL 2014, in which case the question would have been designed to "trip up" someone into thinking that it was available in SQL 2012), but it's not available in SQL 2014, either.

    This makes me wonder what else is in SQL that has CREATE and DROP, but not ALTER functionality. :unsure: Hey, that might make an excellent multiple-choice QOTD!

  • Nice question, thanks.

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