Synchronization of SQL Server db tables based on a condition

  • brisiodmah

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    I have a following scenario: multiple windows client apps (C#, occasionaly offline app) with SQL Server express, and a central web app (ASP.NET) with SQL Server standard. I need to sync clients db with central db, however some client tables need to be bi-directionaly synced completely with server, but some tables from client need to be bi-directionaly synced in a way, e.g. where rows from client table, need to be located in the same table on the server but with client_id column of the client (i.e., table which aggregates client rows). Also, it would be good that client from the app see sync results and some kind of a progress.

    What is the best tech stack/architecture for this challenging problem ?

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Replication, though not sure you can bi-directional with Express.

    Otherwise. The MS Sync framework -

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