Synapse Workspace cant read file

  • Hi all,

    I'll keep it short, I've created a new synapse workspace, linked it my existing Gen 2 Storage account (so its the primary), in the storage account is a container and in there is a sample parquet file.

    My issue is in the Analytics studio when I select, develop, new SQL script and try and run the following


    TOP 100 *



    BULK '',


    ) AS [result]

    I'm getting back the following


    File '' cannot be opened because it does not exist or it is used by another process. As far as I can see permissions for both me and the workspace on the container are good. I did try to change the connection to use a key rather than users but I'm not able to change it for the primary so I created a new linked service that does use, it tests fine.

    So my questions are, am I missing anything obvious? and is there a way I can tell the above command to not use the primary storage and to use the one I created instead, so its using the key rather than the default of the primary.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Hi,

    Answering my own question here but our Infra team turned on some Azure logging and it turned out my personal work account was being used but didnt have permissions on the container as that had the AD group I was in.

    Seems it couldn't resolve that I was a member of the group and had permissions, adding me as a user resolved the issue and now it works.



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