surprise with the version in 2008

  • recently i have installed sql server 2008 client (eval - 180 days) on one of my colleague desktop. but when i had a look on @@version i was was showing ver 9.0 ....instead of 10.0.

    To clear my doubt i have checked in SQL Query about iteam and pover there it was showing proper version....2008...i mean is it possible or is there any bug?

    experts...MS authorities waiting for your comments...inputs..thanks Manoj

  • If all you installed was the client (SSMS) then it is possible that it is connecting to a SQL Server 2005 server. You can use SQL Server 2008 client tools to connect to and manage SQL Server 2005.

  • Thanks for reply lynn.

    We had installed SQL Server 2008 Client only and it is displaying 2010 only in Help -> About menu but not in SELECT @@version.

  • Are you sure you were connecting to the same database server? Query Analyser was last provided with SQL 2000 and should be avoided on newer versions (it may not allow connections via it to newer versions).


    SELECT @@servername

    give the same results from each client?

  • The help about is going to tell the version of the client tool while the @@version is going to tell you the version of the database server to which you are connected. They are two different things.

  • Thanks again Lynn.

    But it should come with intellisense right? i mean it is one of the feature of 2008 right?

    but it is also not there in the installed version....something is wrong either way 🙁

  • Intellisense in SSMS 2008 only works when connected to SQL Server 2008. It is not backward compatible.

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