Summing different fields on a group by

  • HI

    I have a data set with student info; Name, Type

    there would be multiple lines for each student

    Soemthing like

    StudentA, Type1

    StudentA, Type2

    StudentB, Type1

    StudentC, Type2


    I want a matrix where its grouped by student then have two columns, Type1, Type2

    Output to be:

    STudent     Type1     Type2

    StudentA      1            1

    StudentB       1

    StudentC                   1


    I have tried =Sum(iif(Fields!type.Value = "Type1" ,1, 0), "DataSet1")  for type1

    but the counts arent correct




    Sorry after looking at my output, that's exactly what I did use matrix instead of a tablix 🙂



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