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  • Hi all,

    Could you guys please suggest query tool which is most popular among the community other then Query Analyser and a brief note on why it is better.






  • First, you need to supply some more information.

    How is this query tool going to be used? Will it be used by the DBA, developers, or users?

    Why not Query Analyzer?

    What does the tool need to do? Does it need to just query the database? Does it need to also create reports?


  • When not using QA, I happen to like ApexSQLEdit.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • SQLBill,

    We need alternate to QA because we also need to query DB2. The tool will be used by developers and entry level DBA. Maily tool will be use for querying database but if it does reporting and exporting data in differenct formats and few more goodies (stuff that QA doesn't do) then that is the tool ideal for us.

    Hope, that answers your questions.







  • I said, MORE information. You need a query tool that will work with more than one type of database, specifically SQL Server and DB2.

    I don't know of any and I'm not familiar with DB2.


  • QueryToDoc ( is kind of interesting. It lets you query SQL Server and Oracle databases. It limits queries to Select statements and outputs the results to a Word document or an HTML file.

  • I found below tool and have use it today and I am impressed.

    Advanced Query Tool

    Try it and let me know your opinion.

  • I have been very happy with dB Visualizer:

  • AquaFold DataStudio.

    Of course, I work for an educational institution, so the license is free.

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