Sudden Performance Drop Off for Data Import

  • This is my very first post to one of these types of places so for give any laps in details and or etiquette relating to asking for assistance. I am at my wits end trying to figure out this issue so I must turn to those who have more experience then I.  I am not a DBA by any stretch of the imagination I know enough to get me in trouble. My Area of expertise is hardware.

    We run SQL 2017 in a standard 2 node FOC. The data we normally import is from a basic TXT file comma delimited with multiple invoices per file. All data is processed by the server and placed in to one table. All this is done via a SSIS import package set to run on the server.

    Prior to Feb 5th 2024 our standard import rate was 2 or 3 invoices per min. After Feb 7th our imports dropped to 1 invoice every 2 min server side. For testing reasons we kicked off the file import via visual studio and achieved 10 invoices per min. A result that left visible confusion on everyone's face. I changed the host nodes over and ran the file imports once again, same results 1 invoice per min. To further test things I had to be sure it was truly isolated to the SQL nodes I had to commit a mortal sin and run the import package via VS on the server its self. This yet again, yielded the same 1 invoice per min rate.

    I am sure I am missing some key details here but I am mainly looking for info on weather or not something major changed with SQL 2017

    My question is, has there been any updates to MS SQL server 2017 in the last month that would cause such a drop in performance?

  • Has anyone applied any SQL Server CUs to that server in February?

    What does SELECT @@VERSION return?

  • The only updates that I am aware of are from MS Update.

    This is the current version we are running Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-GDR) (KB5029375) - 14.0.2052.1 (X64) Aug 1 2023

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