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  • I disagree. Certification helped me get my current job.

    Of course, my college degree had nothing to do with computers. Neither did my paid work experience, so I needed something to say I had been working (successfully) with SQL on my resume. Certification, plus all the studying I did for it (SOHO at home for 2 years) helped me get my first IT job. And the first IT job gave me enough paid experience on SQL Server that I was able to get my first DBA job soon after.

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  • and we've not even mentioned the vast range of or lack of skills that a person who calls themself DBA has ( or hasn't )

    This is probably the most difficult aspect as different roles may call for different skills and I don't find that salaries/rates usually differentiate between required skill sets and as an interviewer I find DBA's often have a very overinflated opinion of their skill set which really demeans the skilled or traditional DBA - but sometimes it's horses for courses.

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  • vinuraj (11/13/2007)

    so You Mean to tell that certification is all waste.....

    It depends. As the old saying goes, "You get out of it what you put into it."

    If you're just looking that piece of paper that says "I am certified," then the certification may get you in for the interview and may even get you the job... until they figure out you don't know what you should know. Then you'll be looking fo a job real quick. Enough of those short stays on a resume and people won't consider you any longer.

    On the other hand, if you use certification to help you gain more knowledge, then that will come through, both in the technical interview and on the job.

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