Subscription to Oracle DB not working after upgrading subscriber to Oracle 19c

  • Hi

    Replication and publisher configured on the same sql server 2022 version.

    Subscription to Oracle database was configured and worked without any problem till the subscription Oracle database was on 11g.

    The subscriber Oracle database version was upgraded from Oracle 11g version to Oracle 19c.

    The job creates *.pre, *.sch, *.bcp scripts on the repl folder

    But repeatedly it fails on some tables when the job tries to execute the *.pre scripts..

    Any option to skip not to apply the *.pre scripts?

    2024-05-13 13:43:41.570 Connecting to Subscriber 'ODS'

    2024-05-13 13:43:41.945 Initializing

    2024-05-13 13:43:42.320 Applied script 'zzxxxxxxxxxxx_46.pre'

    2024-05-13 13:43:43.023 Applied script 'zzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy_45.pre'

    2024-05-13 13:43:43.726 Applied script 'zzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_44.pre'

    2024-05-13 13:43:44.414 Applied script 'zznnnnnnnnnnnnn_43.pre'

    2024-05-13 13:43:44.445 Applied script 'zzmmmmmmmmmmmmm_42.pre'

    2024-05-13 13:43:44.476 Agent message code 922. ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

    2024-05-13 13:43:44.476 Category:COMMAND

    Source: Failed Command


    Message: drop Table xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    2024-05-13 13:43:44.476 Category:NULL

    Source: OraOLEDB

    Number: 922

    Message: ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

    2024-05-13 13:43:44.476 Category:NULL

    Source: OraOLEDB

    Number: 942

    Message: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist



  • They removed support for Oracle subscribers,



    Anything after Oracle 12 doesn't work any more, you'll need to find a way to replicate the data another way, SSIS etc etc

  • Hi

    We exported oracle database from 19c and imported to Oracle 11.2 COMPATIBLE parameter using Oracle 19c binaries.

    The pre, sch script works, but the bcp scripts not getting applied to the Oracle-Subscriber database.

    Added the following VERBOSE command also

    -Output C:\Scripts\Catch_all\PUB_2_TO_ODS_PUSH_VERBOSE_OUTPUTFILE.txt -Outputverboselevel 2

    Please find the attached file includes the output...

    No additional info after applying all pre, sch scripts. No info on whether it gets any error on applying the bcp scripts.

    Please suggest any additional verbose options to get more details




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