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  • blank line in subreport

  • Do you have a question? It reads like a statement

  • "blank line in subreport" is just a statement - what's the problem? Unless you provide more detail you are unlikely to get any responses. Remember that we can't see what you see so unless you explain clearly what the background to the problem is and what you want to see as a result then no-one can help you

  • when I add a subreport to a main report I get one extra blank line for each detail line in the subreport. This happens for any subreport I add to any main report. Is it possible to remove the blank line? Thanks.


  • When this happens to me it's usually a blank bottom row or footer in the report, particularly when using groups.  See if the subreport has a blank row at the bottom you can remove, and if not, maybe try removing the footer.

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