stream backups to tape ? - recommendation sought

  • Hi all

    I have two small OLTP databases (4 gig each)...are have around 450+ users on average throughout the day, generating around 500Mb in logs on the best of days.

    I am doing full backups @ 2am and log backups from 7am to 11pm - all daily.

    The backups are going to two RAID-1 arrays (18gig). I run the backups, then another job will zip them and copy the backups to the other raid-1 array for saftey sake.

    My delimar is this...

    "Should I be streaming the log backups to tape throughout the day?"

    The full backup is on tape, so im thinking its best practice to do the same with the logs throughout the day.

    The two raid-1 arrays share the same disk-farm.



    Chris Kempster
    Author of "SQL Server Backup, Recovery & Troubleshooting"
    Author of "SQL Server 2k for the Oracle DBA"

  • I'd send the db and logs to disk locally, then copy them remotely. Then get them on tape.

    Here, I send the backups for dbs 4 times a day and logs every 15 min to disk locally. Then about 10 minutes later, I have a script (DTS) that ftp's these backups to another server. Then the tape system gets this every night.

    Steve Jones

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