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  • Hi Experts,

    I have a very unique requirement and I need some advice on the best strategy to tackle it. I have 5 tables with a combined data of about 358 million rows (22GB). out of those 5 tables, 1 of them (2GB) is actively queried. I need to consolidate all 5 tables into one table that would be queried from time to time. Here is what I think should be done i.e. my ideas

    -Consolidate the other 4 (non queried table) first into one table

    -Move the 5th active table data to this new table

    Are there better ways to achieve this? What about locking on the actively queried table when moving data? Would I really need to partition (date range) the 22GB data or indexes would do just fine for querying?

    Any suggestions from you experts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • May I ask what is the rationale behind such a consolidation project?

    The most active/queried to-be-consolidated table represents less than 10% of total data volume... why would somebody add to this table ten times more data that is not normally needed?

    From the performance point-of-view this looks to me like creating a proble in a place where there are no problems; in short, if it's not broken - don't try to fix it 😎

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  • I agree that this seems like an effort in the wrong direction. Consolidating these tables, based on limited information, does not seem to be a good idea.

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