strange date values

  • Hi All,

    I am currently trying to export date like values from oracle database to sql.

    data in oracle is char(16)... e.g. 1100131025520000

    I fail to understand what is this and how to convert it into a sql datetime...:(

  • Just guessing , but 11001310 could be the number of minutes from '01jan1970', though what 25520000 would mean is anyones guess.

    If its stored in oracle like that , you need to find the code that processes the column back to a real value in oracle.

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  • Not minutes from 1/1/1970 as that puts you in the 4000's. Could be seconds though.

    Overall this is a mystery and you need to find someone involved in creating the application so you can get a definition. Or you need to dig around the Oracle DB to find any conversion that might be done there or in the application.

    Can you use the application that connects to the database to create a row with a known date and use that to decipher the format?

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  • thanks Jack and Dave,

    spent the entire day searching the logic of this useless number; finally i got the logic...

    first 3 is year offset, next goes months, days, hh:mm:ss:milli --- 2,2,2,2,3...

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