storing unicode in sql server 2005

  • Hi,

    I am facing these problem can any one help me out ?

    1. FIrstly I am using unicode in my client /server application in dotnet 2.0 (marathi Language) my database is growing very fast as compaire to english database why ?

    2. by default what sql server 2005 uses UTF8 or UTF16 for storing data?

    how can I reduce my database size ?



  • At a guess you are using NVARCHAR and NCHAR rather than VARCHAR and CHAR fields.

    the N... data type fields take twice the space of the VARCHAR/CHAR equivalents.

    There is an added complication in that SQL Server stores its data on 8K pages so if your record size when you have VARCHAR is just under 4K you will get 2 records per page. If you switch to NVARCHAR and go over the 4K then you will get 1 record per page with a lot of dead space.

  • "by default what sql server 2005 uses UTF8 or UTF16 for storing data?"

    Neither - SQL Server uses UCS-2 for unicode data types.

    Conversion between UCS-2 and a program's representation is performed by the data access routines such as OLE-DB or ODBC.

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