Stored Procedure to Duplicate A Database

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    Is there a stored procedure that will allow me to duplicate a database before I load data into it? For example... I have a LIVE_DB and BACKUP_DB via ASP I would like to DUPLICATE LIVE_DB into BACKUP_DB. I have already programmed the switch over to the BACKUP_DB. After the duplication and switch I need to load in the new data and repopulate the full-text indexes.

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    You would have to write something to move all objects and data. There is a DTS task that will do this, perhaps you could schedule the package and use sp_start_job to run it from ASP.

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    You mean you want a copy of the live database without data?

    You could create an empty live database by scripting the objects (or transfer via dts or dmo) then take a backup. The empty database could then be created by restoring the backup.

    You could also create a database and run the scripts via osql.

    If you want to transfer the objects via dmo here is a script that will do it - just change the objects transferrred and servers/databases/passwords.

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