Stored Procedure Naming Conventions

  • I suggest not to make use of any prefixes.

    Just we can use Sel_User or User_Sel

    This will no cause any performance issue as we are not using sp_.

    Also it will help us to search the SP if we have a large number of SPs say 500.

    If we want to make a change to user details section of our application. all SPs related to a table can be sorted out easily by starting alphabet. from there we can get the select or Get sp

  • Hi,

    Any suggestions on how one can name SPs which update different columns of a same table, based on diffrenet conditions?


  • Something that uses "multiple columns", "multiple conditions" in any abbreviated form/combination that you may find makes sense in your environment?! :unsure:

    I would tend to stick as closely as possible to the purpose of the procedure without having to make it into a long sentence.

    **ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI !!!**

  • Thanks!:-)

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