stored procedure and packages ownership on MS SQL 2000

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    I'm writing about stored procedure and packages ownership on MS SQL 2000.  A developer is leaving our group and he has created stored procedures and packages under his windows 2003 logon.  His logon is assigned to the system administrator role.  Will I have any problems when his windows logon is retired?

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    You might have problems, so its best to change the ownership of the objects.  For the stored procedures, if they are owned by the developers login and not 'dbo', use the system stored procedure sp_changeobjectowner to change the ownership.  For the packages, make sure they are not password protected and use this article to change the package owner:

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    The procedures cannot be owned by his login. Procedures are owned by users. His login might however be mapped to a specific user which owns the procedures. That user might be orphaned if his login is removed. However, you said that his login "is assigned to the system administrator role". I interpret that as if his login account is a member of the sysadmin fixed server role. If so then any object he creates, in any database, will be owned by dbo. That is of course unless he specifically created them with another user specified as owner.

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