Stop user to Register Production SQL Server2000

  • Dear all,

    I want to stop user registering Production SQL Server2000.

    As they know sa password and i cant change the sa password for some reason.

    I need to ask how can i stop user registering the production sql sever.




  • Threaten them with disciplinary action if they persist in connecting to the server?



  • There really isn't any way to stop the user from registering the server.

    You could run a job that KILLs spids by host name (the machine name), but EM automatically reconnects, so that's no good.

    If you don't use SQL Logins, you could change the server's authentication mode to Windows Only.

    Why can't you change the sa password? That's probably the only way to achieve your goal.

  • Dear Chris,

    !!! I Liked ur answer.

    I will try to do that but i am afraid they  wont stop !!!!!!!!!




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