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  • Hi All,

    I am interesting to hear people's opinions on the following scenario and how you guys would act in this situation. I have found myself in this position on many occassions with different companies so I am keen to know how others would approach it.

    The scenario

    You are the lead developer on a DW project. Your primary responsibility is to lead a small development team to implement the first phases of a new DW for the company. The IT team has know prior experience of delivering a DW previously.

    You know from previous experience that it generally takes strong change and project management and engagment with the business to ensure a DW project like this is a success.

    However, those aspects are either undervalued by the senior managment team or they have failed to assign roles to undertake these tasks.

    Do you:

    a. Concentrate on your own role and deliver the best technical solution possible? After all you will achieve your personal objectives. But a DW which no one uses is as good as no DW at all.

    b. Raise the point time and time again with senior management in the hope they take it seriously? Although this can be draining and frustrating after a period of time.

    c. Attempt to span these roles yourself to the best you can in an attempt to make the project a success?

    d. Other?

  • From my experience I would choose B. Without the proper buy-in and support it is a doomed project and will end up leaving a bad taste with senior management in regards to DW projects. I think you have to fight the good fight and hopefully get management to see the error of their ways.

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  • Keith, would you state that you wouldn't be prepared to commence on the project until you had these commitments from the management. It my experience it is very difficult to stand firm against as a subordinate and refuse do anything. I have been in position where I have had to prove the reasons why change management and project management would be beneficial and it was tough going!

  • If I'm an employee I think I have the responsibility to let management know my concerns and make sure that I'm heard. I would create a project document listing any concerns and objections that I have with the project and have the business leaders sign off on it, so that there is no finger pointing later on. If they know the concerns and issues and are still okay with the project then I start working on it.

    Microsoft Certified Master - SQL Server 2008
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  • That sounds like a sensible approach. Some good points, thanks Keith.

    Anyone else any other views?

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