Status Update 8 May 2019

  • Apologies for missing yesterday. A little coordination problem with a PM out and new people working. I didn't see changes and needed to dig into a few things.

    We are starting to see some fixes appearing in small ways, and some larger backend ways.


    • Redirections should be mostly working. We also have Google/Bing/etc reindexing the site, so new URLs populate in searches.
    • Plain code is an option for formatting
    • The profile setting for forum notifications is set by default on new topics/replies
    • Newsletter should categorize posts. Will double check tomorrow, but previews appear to work.

    A couple items popped up, so these items are in progress:

    • Paste in images to forums
    • Payment report has a few issues, and I need this to process author payments
    • Article ordering on the pages according to internal priority rules and dates
    • Search improvements with Google search continuing.
    • Code blocks losing lines breaks
    • Quote behavior in forums, specifically around images/code
    • Resource files for articles

    Infrastructure: 38 backlog, 0 in progress, 1 fix today

    Frontend priority: 13 backlog, 9 in progress, 3 fixes today

    Frontend backlog: 21 backlog, 0 in progress, 0 fixes today

    Admin Priority: 9 backlog, 1 in progress, 1 blocked

    Admin backlog: 9 backlog, 0 in progress

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