Status Update 30 Sept 2019 - SPAM Reporting

  • It's been awhile since I posted, mostly because we transitioned out of migration mode to ongoing support mode. There is still some work being done, but it's prioritized around other work on other sites.

    There are two good changes made this past week.

    1. HTTP/2 is now being used, which should speed up some of the site.
    2. The "report" link for spam posts now tracks the number of times someone has clicked it. When it hits 3, the item is marked as SPAM if a moderator hasn't already done so.

    We have added some more admin changes, cleaned up some profiles and fixed some of the UTC/date issues a few users noted. We are trying to clean out some of the default JS to speed up the performance of the site. There is ongoing performance work in a few other areas that hopefully will add up to better overall performance.

    No more major bugs we've seen, and I will start closing out some of the things I think were reported incorrectly, or have been fixed as a side effect. From there, I'll triage out some others as I get time, which should open up in a couple weeks.


  • I haven't tried it yet since this change but have you also changed it so someone can report the same post more than once? so far on new site we could only report it once.

    And does report as spam hide it and ban the user or just hide the post? or neither?

  • Report notes it has been reported. You cannot report it more than once, as we have had some abuse of a user trying to remove something they did not like, as opposed to SPAM. If three non-moderators report the post, it is marked as SPAM.

    We don't ban the user, as there are lots of possible reasons a post might get reported (language), but we don't want to ban the user. However, the user is marked in the askimet engine and some of their posts are then quicker to be flagged as SPAM.

  • ok. thanks for the explanation.

    Could you also confirm if when a single non mod flags a new thread does it flag it immediately? It seems to me that when I do one of those with links (keto and the likes) that it gets removed almost immediately from the list.

  • It shouldn't be, but perhaps a flag does get sent to the spam engine. I'll ask.

  • ok, cool so you're letting that Tally bot and his spambot replier run lose on this site, awesome.

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