Status Update 24 Apr 2019

  • We had a few days off for the Easter holiday and I got busy with other work yesterday, but a little progress.

    First, we still are short a developer as there is a delay in bringing on another resource and a couple internal resources got pulled for some higher internal priority stuff. The nature of a company. Not every project is first priority, and this one isn't.

    Still, we fixed a few items:

    • The newsletter archive is linked in the footer (correctly).
    • The code window is scaled a bit better for smaller screens. This component isn't really well built, but it's better for now
    • The forum name is now listed correctly as the "In" item when seeing a list of threads in something like Active Threads.
    • Better separation in forums between replies with a thicker horizontal bar
    • Fixed some missing (at times) editor buttons
    • Animated gifs now working
    • Posts can be liked

    Lots of stuff still in progress.  We have:

    Frontend Priority - 23 items on backlog, 11 in progress, 4 items fixed Tues (Fri/Mon holiday)

    Frontend Backlog - 19 items, 0 in progress, 2 fixes

    Infrastructure and perf - 40 items, 2 in progress

    Admin priority - 10 items, 2 in progress, 1 blocked

    Admin backlog - 9 items


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