Status Update 17 May 2019

  • It's been a week, and a hectic one away from SSC, so I've delayed posting until I could check on a few things. We have had full development staff this week, but we lose one today as we ramp down and catch up on things.

    Highlight of things fixed this week:

    • resources migrated from old site (attachments and other code for articles) - A big one to get done
    • metadata tweeks for the Googles
    • caching changes to speed up some pages
    • leaderboard cleaned up
    • Images can display larger size (or original size)
    • Handling navigation for unicode profiles
    • Fix some QotD display issues
    • Support uploading of zip and code files
    • Award back QotD points
    • Forum style issues

    Infrastructure: 33 Backlog, 1 In Progress, 3 Fixed

    Frontend Priority: 4 Backlog, 6 In Progress, 12 Fixed, 1 kicked back for more work

    Frontend Backlog: 21 Backlog, 1 In Progress, 3 Fixed

    Admin Priority: 7 Backlog, 2 In Progress, 1 Blocked, 8 Fixed

    Admin Backlog: 5 Backlog, 0 In Progress 0 Blocked, 2 Fixed

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