Status Update 17 April 2019

  • Some progress here, with less dev resources because of a few other internal fires.

    Forums - quoting posts should look better now, though a fix doesn't help with code. I'd ask that you stop quoting the code, or at least delete the code when your reply is posted for now.

    Authors and newsletters linked in the footer on every page

    Powershell is styled now, at least the main keywords we have in a list.

    Forum work continues on styling various items that don't show correctly, especially around code.

    Issue Status:

    High priority Frontend items – 34 items, 14 in progress. The redirection item and pasting of images in the forums and articles are being worked. After this we will be aiming at fixing the forum styling and quoting issues for code.

    Low Priority Frontend Items – 16,  None being worked right now

    High priority infrastructure items – 39 items, including some data migration items. None in progress right now as redirects are taking priority

    Admin priority items – 13, 1 in progress, 1 blocked. These are backend items that none of you see, but keep the site running.

    Admin backlog – 7 items, none being worked.

  • Thanks for the updates Steve. We all appreciate the ongoing work and it's nice to hear the state of play. I assume that things will slow down a little bit with the extra long Easter weekend (I presume Red Gate are closed for the bank holidays).

    One note, I have noticed that the Newsletter Archive appears 6 times at the bottom of my screen; but I am on mobile.


    Excuse my typos and sometimes awful grammar. My fingers work faster than my brain does.

  • Yep, Redgate is closed Fri/Mon, so what gets done tomorrow will be it for the weekend. I'm out Friday, so I'll post status tomorrow and then we'll move next week, hopefully with our new developer starting Tues.

    I saw the newsletter repeat, but marked it down as a med priority item. Someone will look tomorrow, but wasn't worth them staying late today.

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