Status Update 12 April 2019

  • My apologies for missing the 11th. I got busy with other work unrelated to the site and had to focus on that.

    It started out as a rough week, especially for me, but things have improved. Some big changes here that I think smoother out the migration quite a bit. Highlights for now:

    • Search has filtering. ( That's a big one as I use that a lot
    • URL Rewrites - more of these are working. Amazing how inconsistent we were in the past with URLs
    • Author pages - fixed for individual authors and a full page at /author
    • Leaderboard back at /totalscores
    • Forums - fixed toolbar visibility. Apparently some people weren't seeing this, which created confusion as all my test accounts and different machines did.
    • Newsletter - TOC added back
    • Newsletter archive back - Older ones coming, but those are HTML so need a script to populate the page with them and then some paging mechanism
    • DBW admin changes - not visible, but reduces a time sink

    More stuff was fixed, but these are highlights. We've lost some time chasing down individual email issues or specific reports of a problem.

    The Issue list is larger, 108 issues, but I'm adding more low priority items

    • 17 or 18 forum issues, with some tricky formatting things to work out
    • 6 newsletter items, including delivery issues being reported
    • 4 Article items
    • 5 admin issues, none high priority, but things I need fixed
    • 2 high priority issues, so I'll be tagging a few more today to kick them up the list
    • 1 data migration issue related to calculating QotD scores. Has to do with multi-answer questions, of which we have few, but not too few

    A number of items are enhancements, so I hope we start to see some new features roll out soon, but still we have a commitment to dig in and keep working through bugs next week.

    Any questions, please ask.

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