Status Update 10 May 2019

  • We're starting to make some progress as the developers are up to speed and focused.

    Fixes across the last two days:

    • Payment report finished (well, one item I asked about, but it's usable as of now)
    • Scheduler bug fixed - we had some articles that failed to publish, resulting in 404 from newsletter links.
    • Categories/tags  added to all content
    • name fix with forum mentions for non ascii names
    • forum code keeps line breaks


    Infrastructure: 38 Backlog, 0 In Progress, 1 Fixed

    Frontend Priority: 13 Backlog, 9 In Progress Blocked, 5 Fixed, 2 kicked back

    Frontend Backlog: Backlog, In Progress Blocked, Fixed

    Admin Priority: 11 Backlog, 0 In Progress 1 Blocked, 2 Fixed

    Admin Backlog: 9 Backlog, 0 In Progress 0 Blocked, 1 Fixed


    On the agenda for me is to also triage other bugs to determine if any need to be just closed as some things are fixed.

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