Status Update 10 Apr 2019

  • I wanted to make a status update, and I'll try to do more of these, as much for my own mental health as to disclose where we are.

    As of today, there are 104 issues open in Github. A slice of these (6-10) are infrastructure items related to hardware and tuning settings. Most are minor, but definitely issues. Some are more important than others. Here's a short breakdown

    • 104 issues
    • 6-10 infrastructure (not sure about a few non-tagged items)
    • 6 data migration issues still open, maybe 1 that is too minor to fix
    • 10 high priority issues (mostly redirections and forum issues)
    • 33 theme type issues for styling, formatting, etc.
    • 42 forum related issues
    • 14 article related issues
    • 9 admin issues, some of these I need to get fixed for my work
    • 4 Qotd issues

    Some issues fall into multiple categories.

    While there are a few items being fixed everyday, I do keep filing more. I think I added 4 today.

    Please continue to report items in the Website Issues forum.

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